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Meet Debbie...
Your personal and virtual coach and mentor


Debbie Heneghan
Certified Personal and Life Coach
Certified Business Coach

I’ve always been an inspirational and spiritual leader...even when I didn’t realize it!

I never thought I was good enough! I never felt worthy, nor was I ever encouraged as a young teenager and young adult to dream BIG or to go after my dreams. Perhaps you too?

“You can’t do this!” or “You can’t do that!” were familiar words in my world. Sigh! These words and lack of encouragement created a self-doubt within me; a place of feeling very different, alone, depleted and not worthy.


I knew and believed within my heart and soul that I could indeed do ANYTHING my heart desired. Why wouldn’t my loved ones believe in me, or see the sparkle in my eye, or encourage me?

This little (big!) experience in my life wasn’t necessarily because I wasn’t loved or that those around me didn’t want to support and encourage me…. (but this sure does happen more often than any of us would like to admit!) No, it was the passing of limiting beliefs and fears (and lack of knowing or understanding) from generation to generation which drove the reality of the lives of those around me. (Something quite familiar across this planet!)


It took some time, but I continued forward, and I created ways which helped me conquer mountains (of all sizes). The bottom line is I CAN and I DID! And YOU CAN too!


This is one of many reasons why I’m here. To help you understand the facets of your being, the internal and external influences around you, the ego-driven mentality of the world (and so much more) and how all of these elements drive who you are.


You have a choice! And I’m excited to share experiences with you and methods to overcome your own internal battles and to step into beautiful YOU!

I'm here because I believe in the unlimited possibilities for everyone. I'm here to remind you of your worth, your strength, your inner power, your inner love and how to bring it all to the forefront! I'm here because I know when we each come from a place of love, gratitude, faith and compassion, that we together can indeed make a positive difference in this world! I know within the depths of my soul, that when we live life from the power and foundation of love, it is then (and only then) where we begin to understand and remember our Truth and our True Selves. And we begin to make a difference for ourselves and the greater world around us.

I'm making a positive impact on the world, and I would LOVE for you to join me!


Why am I here?

Who am I?

The first title I wear with pride is “mom”. I’m extremely blessed with two wonderful teenage boys, as well as a beautiful group of family and friends that make up my circle of life.


After being a mom, I’m an inspirational speaker and teacher, life coach and spiritual intuitive. I’m a Certified Personal and Life Coach and Certified Business Coach. I’ve been coaching individuals and teams informally (and formally) for over 25 years.


I’m blessed to be a published author with my book, Closer Than You Think – The Easy Guide to Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side, which has provided thousands of readers with peace and comfort. I’m also the founder/president of Closer Than You Think, LLC and Embrace Your Power, LLC both of which provide me the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people all over the world.


I'm also a professional business woman in the software technology space with 25+ years working in a multitude of capacities (with 19 years at IBM and 4+ years at Google). I've attained many professional certifications and achieved much success. However, my greatest accomplishment, during these years, has been my own personal growth as an individual learning how to navigate and balance the corporate world and the reality of life. I've gained so much understanding of myself as well as others. How to manage my own tendencies while working with all sorts of people, personalities, conflicts, challenges, difficulties, failures, losses and so much more. It's been quite the ride!

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