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Closer Than You Think

Closer Than You Think is filled with inspirational stories of Debbie and her sister, as well as stories from all walks of life - heart-warming, happy stories to tear-jerking, tragic situations turned sweet.  The depth and breadth of information will fill you with a sense of peace, comfort, hope and certainty that our loved ones on the other side do live on; and we can reach out, connect and remain close with them. You may even feel compelled to go within, find the courage and faith to move forward with your life, and go after those dreams you've had since you were a kid.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel a warmth all around and within you.  Most of all, you'll be touched and inspired to find the blessings and gifts in your life or your situation to help you turn your pain into peace.


Deborah Heneghan was fifteen when her seventeen-year-old sister died of Leukemia.  A few weeks later, Debbie woke in the middle of the night to her sister's faint whisper summoning her.  That was the beginning of Heneghan's connection with her deceased sister, one that continues to this day - over 30 years later.

In Closer Than You Think, Heneghan shows readers how to get back in touch with deceased loved ones and find guidance and a helping hand from their big-picture perspective in the beyond. Heneghan provides tips, tools, strategies and stories to help the reader connect and communicate with their loved ones on the other side and remain close to them in a natural, healing way. 


Closer Than You Think is for anyone who has lost a loved one and is searching for hope, comfort and peace that their departed are okay and they do live on.  Readers will understand that not only do our loved ones live on, they are engageing us in a very real way.

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Here is what other authors have to say
Once in a while a sleeper sneaks in—a book so unique it cannot be categorized. Closer Than You Think is just such a book. No, this is not the usual grief book on how to handle the death of a loved one. It is not even one of those stories about an individual on this side of the curtain channeling what a loved one says from ‘the other side.’ Such books have real value, but this one has more. Way more. Weaving all kinds of stories in and through her own, Deborah Heneghan covers every aspect of death and dying, life and living in a heart-filled, uplifting, and totally unique and wonderful way. What she has created is a caring and compassionate guidebook like nothing else I’ve ever read. She’s done us a favor. She’s opened up our hearts with this book… so we can see what’s inside.

P. M. H. Atwater, LHD

Author of The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences and

Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story

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